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January 2017

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Player Information
Player name: Kit
Contact: [ profile] eloquencejones
Other characters in the game: Dick Grayson

Character Information
Character Name: Dirk Gently (aka Svlad Cjelli, aka Project Icarus)
Canon: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016)
Canon Point: Just after season 1
Species: Human
History: (Mixing known information from the series and the books, as Max Landis indicated the books may have happened before the series, or at least something like them)
----(Spoilers for the series) ----
Not a lot is known about Dirk's childhood before he was taken by the CIA and became part of project Blackwing, a covert study of individuals with paranormal abilities and extra-sensory perception. He escaped the project sixteen years ago, when only in his late teens, so a significant portion of his childhood was likely spent at the project.
He spent time in England, where he attended Cambridge University, but was kicked out (and arrested) for selling students exact copies of exam papers. In later years he opened a Holistic Detective Agency, where he investigated crimes (mostly the disappearance of cats) by following whatever tangential connections came along until he discovered the solution. The most notable cases involved an impossibly stuck sofa and the norse God Thor (who, Dirk claims, is not as attractive as people say). He travelled back to America when he was hired by Patrick Spring to investigate Spring's death, 6 weeks before it was due to happen. There he met Todd Brotzman, and the two of them worked together, along with several other new friends, to solve how the murder had happened - it involved a time machine, a soul-swapping cult, and a kitten with the soul of a shark.
During this time, the former commander of the Blackwing project, Colonel Riggins, approached him to ask him to come back for debriefing, which he refused. Unfortunately, Riggins was replaced by a much more determined agent, and Dirk was captured by him. It's just after his capture that he'll arrive in Alpha.

Personality: Dirk is exuberant, loquacious and happy-go-lucky. For someone who knows him well, it becomes obvious that this cheery demeanour is merely a gloss over a lot of deep-seated insecurities and loneliness. While he allows occasional glimpses into this side of himself, it's something he tries very hard to hide.
He thinks he's more authoritative than he is, but has a tendency to ignore any protestations to the contrary, people get swept along in his orbit whether they like it or not, and very often it's through his actions that they get dragged in.
He can be quite snippy and sarcastic at times, but mostly he's just very straightforward, even if what he's talking sounds like completely nonsense. He's very quick to deny that he's psychic, preferring instead to refer to his 'intuitions', or to say that he can simply see the connections between things. The term 'holistic' is one he uses to describe his belief in the interconnectedness of all things, a belief he's happy to explain, at length, to anyone who will listen. He bounces around, following the whims of the universe, being alternately very, very intelligent and very, very stupid.

Specialty Skills: Refer to the Specialty Skills post and list the traits that your character has shown in canon out beside each subheading
Action Skills
Management - chutzpah, hygiene, oratory
Stealth - sneaking
Violence -

Knowledge Skills
Hardware -
Software -
Wetware -

Other Skills (not listed) - annoying people

Mutant Abilities: Dirk believes in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, he can see these connections and follow them to be where the universe needs him to be. It's all very vague and nebulous and a lot of people call him psychic, but he is quite vehemently opposed to the term.

Service Firm and Position: HPD and Mind Control: Celebrity Lifestyle Documenter


Almost Done!
Please post a comment to the Alpha 4th Wall Post with the 4th Wall preferences for your character. Done
Would you like to volunteer your character to be a selected target of the Anti-Special Society (ASS)? Yes
Due to past trouble with Specials, some have been given specific trigger phrases to assist in controlling their traitorous tendencies. Does your character have a trigger phrase and if so, what is it? Icarus
Do you agree that your character will be held accountable to the terms of Treason and Punishment if they are found to be guilty of treason? Yes


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